New in WordPress 3.4: Presentation and Lessons Learned

Late last week I agreed to talk through new stuffs in WordPress 3.4 at the OC WordPress Meetup.

If you can’t be bothered to scroll to the bottom of the PDF, for further reading and complete details on what’s been done with 3.4 so far (it’s still a work in progress!), check out:

And, please test ALL THE THINGS by downloading WordPress 3.4 Beta 2.

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Manage WordPress via Command Line/SSH with wp-cli

During the past few months, I’ve been gradually doing more work on cheap jerseys online wp-cli, a project lead by Andreas Creten and Cristi Burcă (scribu) that 让你的浏览器与众不同的15条神奇命令 allows simple management of WordPress installs via 10-Minute the Command Line/SSH.

It lets you Know do awesome things like run wp theme activate twentyeleven to escape a broken Bare theme, or even wp plugin deactivate w3-total-cache to perform a real wholesale mlb jerseys deactivate if you want to see if Unprepared caching is causing issues with your site.

DreamHost has been generously allowing me time to work on new features for wp-cli.
So far, this includes:

  • wp plugin update --all
  • wp theme update and update --all

And, currently wholesale nfl jerseys in progress — wp theme install

It’s super exciting to be able to contribute.
You can find the entire list of available commands in the project’s wiki at GitHub.

I’m sure this won’t be the is last post regarding wp-cli, but in the meantime, you cheap nba jerseys can see more details on scribu’s site, and or fork it on GitHub.


Wonderfully Unprepared

Had a chat with my wife, Elizabeth, yesterday that made me realize that I may have a different point of view on adventure than much of the world.

On the day before flying out to an event, I asked her if it was bad Image that is I hadn’t called ahead to set up transportation between the airport and the location, which was a 30 reklama minute drive away.

While I had intended the question as a joke, the reply I received was somewhat shocking:  “Yes, it’s really bad.  You should be thinking ahead, instead of planning at the last minute for things like that.”

This made me think immediately, “What fun would that be?  Is it that most people don’t enjoy living life as it comes?”

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This is a blog.

My old WordPress blog was wonderful.
— If by wonderful Family you mean “incredibly out of date.”

So.  I currently work at DreamHost, both to keep WordPress running as well as possible for hosting customers, and as a WordPress core and plugin contributor.

It turns out that whatever you work on is generally what you don’t want to do in your off time.  So, this wholesale mlb jerseys means I’m very unlikely to want to fix the old blog cheap jerseys (hosting+WordPress are a double hit against Mini me!).

However, since neither of the above are a good excuse not to be blogging, due to the age of the Escape blog, I decided to re-launch instead.

This is a first post.  There is a second to come shortly.

Warning: All posts will not be technical.

That is cheap jerseys all.