Wonderfully Unprepared

Had a chat with my wife, Elizabeth, yesterday that made me realize that I may have a different point of view on adventure than much of the world.

On the day before flying out to an event, I asked her if it was bad Image that is I hadn’t called ahead to set up transportation between the airport and the location, which was a 30 reklama minute drive away.

While I had intended the question as a joke, the reply I received was somewhat shocking:  “Yes, it’s really bad.  You should be thinking ahead, instead of planning at the last minute for things like that.”

This made me think immediately, “What fun would that be?  Is it that most people don’t enjoy living life as it comes?”

To note, It’s not that I plan nothing:  I’d booked a hotel and flight a month in advance.  But, I hadn’t planned on how I’d get to or from the airport, nor wholesale MLB jerseys what my exact itinerary would be at the event.  I knew I would attend talks, and let colleagues know ahead of time that I’d be there.

I find that generally the wholesale nfl jerseys best opportunities and experiences happen somewhat serendipitously, and to over-plan is to lose that sense of experience.  I suspect Porsche some Miami Dolphins Jerseys of this nature comes from my upbringing.

From the age of 11 until the age of 22, I moved between different houses or apartments each year.  Five of these moves were either to, from, or within a foreign country.

It turns out that moving between locations — and in particular — cultures, requires quite a bit of improvisation.  If you don’t understand customs, or even language, how much less difficult and important is it to decide whether I’ll take a bus or taxi?  Either way, you’ll eventually get there; just give yourself time.

Simpler details are tossed aside, in the moment, letting the brain focus on the fundamentals: “What is the environment or person in front of me communicating to me, and how should I respond?”

Perhaps all of this is moot, and I’m simply lazy.  That’s certainly a possibility.  But as for me, I prefer the adventure of discovering new locations, situations, and people as they come.

I arrived at the crowded airport and looked from side to cheap jerseys side, watching people brush past.  Some were headed to another flight.  Others were talking with their families about their first tourist spot to hit.  There was a pub to the left filled with a diverse crowd of travelers.  Walking slowly down the corridor, it was clear which direction to head to get a ride.  I looked up and decoded the text and logos above, pointing towards “Taxi” or “Van Share.”  Which would it be?


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