New in WordPress 3.4: Presentation and Lessons Learned

Late last week I agreed to talk through new stuffs in WordPress 3.4 at the OC WordPress Meetup.

If you can’t be bothered to scroll to the bottom of the PDF, for further reading and complete details on what’s been done with 3.4 so far (it’s still a work in progress!), check out:

And, please test ALL THE THINGS by downloading WordPress 3.4 Beta 2.

Apparently my brain needed a bit more time to ruminate on how to properly present what amounts to Release Notes in an interesting manner.

Regardless, here are the requested presentation notes/slides, with a few additional notes added per the Q/A!
[gview file=””]

You can see further details on this meetup, along with a full YouTube video recorded from the livestream, at the OCWP Blog.

As I train myself to be a better presenter, I thought I’d share my progress and things I learn along the way.

Lessons Learned:

  • Don’t expect to have time to polish your presentation on the day of, even if you’ve planned it into your day
  • Give your brain enough downtime to come up with an interesting story for potentially stale information
  • Include screenshots of demo’d content, so that the slides are more interesting after-the-fact
  • Knew this already, but say “um” less. Or, ya know, not at all.
  • Add more pictures of cats

Of particular note is the second point above:
Given more time, I likely would have crafted a story involving the participants who created the code and presented features through their creation process, rather explaining the details of the final product.

More Suggestions?
Please comment or contact me directly! Learning is good.

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