Decision-making in WordPress Core Development at WordCamp Europe

I was graciously invited to speak at WordCamp Europe 2016 on the way decisions are made while building WordPress.

It was a pleasure to have the opportunity to share with everyone there — thanks to everyone who helped out; it was an outstanding event.

You can check out the slides below:

An Insider’s Look into 4.5 at WordCamp St. Louis

Had a great weekend at WordCamp St. Louis!

Was honored to be invited to share some of my experiences with WordPress 4.5.  Thanks to the organizers and everyone who attended for a great event!

Check out the slides here:

A Year in Core at WordCamp LA

At WordCamp LA, I had the opportunity to share a retrospective on the happenings in WordPress core throughout the last year, and a short look into a possible future for WordPress in 4.4, coming in early December!

Thanks to the organizers and volunteers for an excellent event, and to everyone who came by to learn and chat about WordPress core!

You can find the slides in PDF here, or embedded below the break: Continue reading A Year in Core at WordCamp LA

Connect the Dots at WordCamp Ventura 2014

Thanks to Konstantin Obenland, Alicia St. RoseErick Hitter, and Andrew Behla for the invitation to speak!

I gave a satirical talk called “Connect the Dots” at WordCamp Ventura about the WordPress community and its connections, whose slides you can see below.

Yes, it’s silly. Yes, I hope you enjoy it. I’ll post a link to the video when it lands on

If you’d prefer a download, you can find the PDF Here.

Have a favorite WordPress conspiracy theory?  Feel free to share it below!